Published 2021-11-30
Platform Udemy
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Anna Borisova

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Yoga practice for neck, shoulders, spine if you have limited time. Body Stretch & Empower. Tension and stress relief.

This course is specially made for people who needs to energise themselves during the work or simply in the morning to wake up the body, increase vitality and productivity for the daily routines.

Specially designed for those who has limited time and wants simply do a short yoga stretching or yoga workout but are not able to have an hour class.

Here are 7 different length classes with various aims. You can choose depending on your mood and time frame which is the most suitable for today, or you can combine them and do several in one approach.

Will be highly recommended for those who are working next to the computer or remotely. Find 5, 10, 20, 25 or 40 minutes to practise some yoga exercises. After any of the video you can stay for 5-10 minutes by your own in savasana. Savasana or deep relaxation example is added in the end of the "Spine Strength" video which is 41 minutes long. Try all of them, choose the most relevant for your day and keep practising for several weeks. Then try to remember the most efficient postures for your body and include them in your daily routines.

Remember to practice daily at least for 5-10 minutes and it will transform and empower your body very soon providing priceless benefits.

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