21 days to a Safe, Strong Yoga Practice - A Beginners Guide

Published 2022-04-07
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Kate Steiner

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A complete beginner level course on Mobility, Strength and Safety in movement when practicing Yoga

Adapt your Yoga practice to YOU instead of YOU to a Yoga practice with this complete, beginner level course.

Here you will gain the freedom to decide how you wish to take your Yoga practice by giving you the exact methods to modify or strengthen poses that are regularly done without much thought.

On our 21 day journey, each part of the body is considered, from the eyes to the toes. We work systematically through each area giving instructional, functional movement techniques enabling you to construct your own method and take it into your practice.

The last two days are full classes. A total body reset, where we incorporate everything we have learned over the past month and put it into practice in a short beginner level vinyasa flow class, and a total body release where we completely relax and allow the body and mind to rest, incorporating all we have learned over the past few weeks.

We will deconstruct outdated yoga cues and find ways of moving in your Yoga routine that take your unique anatomy, energy levels and body into consideration and build strength and mobility along the way!

Sometimes, the most 'advanced' thing you can do in your yoga practice is to rest and/or skip things ... you will learn how to say NO to forceful teachers and refuse to ignore your boundaries!

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Learn the difference between intensity and pain and never push yourself into shapes your body isn't ready for again!

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