4-Weeks Yoga Challenge

Published 2021-12-31
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Carlotta Micale

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explore and deepen your yoga practice in 4 weeks

Have you ever thought about Yoga as a practice to increase your creativity? Probably not, because in the common imagination, Yoga is associated with figures in perfect shape, who make incredible acrobatic poses, possibly with incredible exotic scenarios as a background. Of course, with this prejudice about Yoga, when we think about approaching the practice, with all these images in our minds, we do not dare.
How many times have you said to yourself: "I'm not flexible enough, I'm not fit enough, I don't have the right equipment..."? probably a lot, and the good news is that it's not your fault.
We are used to seeing a misrepresentation of Yoga, which does not reflect the roots of this very ancient practice, and its philosophical tradition as the foundation of the practice itself.

The purpose of this course is to make you understand that Yoga is for everyone – not just for influencers in perfect shape and hyper-flexible.
Primarily, Yoga does not require special equipment to be practiced: if you have a body and if you can breathe, then you can practice Yoga. Above all, Yoga is much more than a physical practice (Asanas in Sanskrit). Yoga can be a very powerful tool for self-reflection, and it can be a booster for creativity – you may need a notebook as "equipment", in this case!

This is a Yoga course that focuses on the philosophical and self-reflective side of Yoga, as well as the more physical side. The proposed Yoga practices combine accessibility, personal challenge, self-exploration and self-reflection, with the aim of helping mind and body to relax, to find the stability and strength needed to face the challenges of everyday life.
This is a path that can make you more aware; both of your thoughts and how they affect your life, and aware of your body, learning to accept them with gratitude. Body and mind are resources and not limits, and with this course you have the opportunity to take a first step towards the maximum expression of all the potential you have within you, without ever forgetting that "we are divine beings in a human experience".

The practices of Asana together with those of journaling, will accompany you along the way. We will explore various styles of Yoga, and you will have the opportunity to learn to build independently (but always with my support) a personal practice adapted to your needs and requirements.

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