5 breathing technique for people recovered from Covid

Published 2022-01-26
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Yen Tran

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Designed by someone experienced breathing difficulties due to Covid: Psychic breahing, yogic breathing, brain cleaning

This course is designed by Yen Tran who experienced breathing difficulties due to Covid, light level of depression and anxiety. At that time, I did not want to eat, nor talk to anyone. When I worked long hours, I felt like someone was stealing my oxygen intake right out my throat. I realized that the reason I was so tired was because of my bad breathing habit. I needed to put a serious effort to move my awareness to my breathing organs. I have to give breathing my full attention in order to control it. Practicing these techniques has helped me to focus on myself, to feel released and comfortable again in my skin. Gradually I gain the power to control my emotions and sensations, instead of letting them control me.

Alternate nostril breathing (Nadi): calming mind and heart, increase concentration, correct breathing disorder such as asthma

Psychic breathing (Ujjayi): help to calm your mind, reduce sleeping disorder and high blood pressure

Yogic breathing: resolve breathing disorder, correct bad breathing habit, increase oxygen intake, calm the nerves

Brain cleaning breathing (Kapalbhati): cleansing the lungs, detoxify, energise the mind

Humming bee (Bhramari): release stresses and cerebra tension, alleviating anger, anxiety, insomnia

You will be able to watch videos guidance on how to practise the technique. You will be provided with the document with further explanation as well

On some breathing techniques, there is an advanced practice video. When you decided to do this, pay attention on the warning note which specifies who should not go to advance practice

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