Aerial Yoga for Intermediate | Full Module 3

Published 2022-04-27
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Pilu Yoga

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Learn to Fly! Time to free the inner child

Whether you’ve arrived here after taking Module 2 with Pilu, or are taking this as a standalone course, a Big Welcome to you! This module is all about freeing your inner child. We will be focusing on being honest with who we are, being open and present.

After an introduction to the module by Pilu, we will learn to play with everything we already know about aerial yoga. We will learn more transitions, all the while being as playful and open as possible.

The bases of this module are:

This course, 'Aerial Yoga | Module 3' is a complete course in itself, as well as being one of four components that make up Pilu's full Aerial Yoga Course (see bottom of page for further details) that teaches you to fly, all on your very own.

Class Descriptions:

Class 1 – Let’s play!

Starting from the child’s pose we embark on a fun and dynamic practice! We will use everything that we’ve learnt so far to move around the belt in a fun and playful way.

Class 2 – Stand upside down

We are going to work on standing on our hands and practicing good balance. Unlike a full handstand, the belt supports some of our weight making this pose possible for All.

Class 3 – Open heart

This is a class to open up to ourselves, to be honest and to embrace who we are. All whilst being free of any judgment of ourselves. A new challenging transition will be introduced at the end of this class.

Class 4 – Rise up

It’s recommended to go through the Reverse Jump Tutorial before beginning this class as we will use this challenging transition in today’s class. We are here to discover and try new things; accept your process exactly as it is and see what your body has to offer to you today.

Class 5 – Suspension

This class is all about staying in the present moment during the flow of the practice. Beginning with child’s pose, we work our way up the belt, mindfully and with intention.

Class 6 – Let’s give ourselves some love

As a lovely reward for all the hard work you have been doing so far, this is a beautiful passive practice. Using the belt to do some wonderful stretching, you’re bound to feel brand new after this class. Surrender and allow yourself to enjoy all the openings and well deserved rest in this practice.

If you enjoyed flying with Pilu, then why not continue? By moving on to 'Module 4 – Ready to Fly’, you will have completed the entire ‘Learn to Fly’ course and will be able to spread your wings all on your very own!

Module 1: Self-exploration

Module 2: Building confidence

Module 3: Free the inner child

Module 4: Ready to fly!

*Plus!* Bonus tutorials and relaxation Savasana

Each module is designed to last one week, but you also have the flexibility to go at your own pace.

Sign up with Pilu and she will continue to guide you through days of fun, exploration, movement, self-love, joy, and acceptance.

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