All-in-one Pregnancy Guide

Published 2021-11-25
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Yoga, meditation, baby wellness, wellness guide and more.

Exercising is one way to improve mental and physical well-being during and after pregnancy.

Well, regular exercises have a wide range of health benefits ranging from better sleep, increased blood flow, prevents pregnancy complications, and helps with easier birth.

If you are just beginning an exercise program, then you could start with 5 or 10 minutes per day and work your way up to more.

This wellness program is designed with natural wellness solutions to pregnancy discomforts. The program is a blend of Prenatal yoga, guided meditation, affirmation, Pilates & more. Practicing certain asanas regularly can help with optimal baby positioning & delivery. This program also is designed for your baby in the womb which helps with the movement & healthy growth and development.

Yoga is not just a great way to a healthier body, but also a means to ease out your delivery. It is all about breathing right, which can be of great help during labor and delivery.

The curriculum is designed with 4 sections covering the needs of your baby, you & your partner. Section 1 consists of Yoga which includes modules to reduce your morning sickness, anxiety, weight management, back pain, blood circulation and more. Section 2 consists of meditation & affirmation to improve your sleep, bond with your partner, easy labor & more. Section 3 consists of baby wellness modules designed to Normal baby growth, Affirm baby’s kidney development and function, Affirm normal development of baby’s eyes, baby’s lungs, kidney development, growth of placenta & umbilical cord, Encourage baby’s movement. Section 4 consists of a Wellness guide which includes 5 Exercises for easy labor , the exercises that are safe during pregnancy, and Breastmilk & its color- What is normal and what is alarming.

Some tips to keep in mind

Remember, if you feel weak and tired is it alarming to stop whatever activity you are engaged in.

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