Applied Yoga Anatomy: 101 The Language of Anatomy & Movement

Published 2022-05-06
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Laura Goellner E-RYT, C-IAYT

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course

Welcome to the APPLIED YOGA ANATOMY Series

This is a multi-part series that takes a deeper dive into the APPLICATION of Anatomy & Body Science to being an Anatomy informed Yoga Teacher.

In this segment of the Series, our focus is the Language of Anatomy & Movement in Asana Practice, how that impacts lesson planning, sequencing poses, how to critique your classes and how to analyze joint movement in yoga poses to adapt to YOUR student's needs.

Topics covered in THIS segment of Applied Yoga Anatomy include

- Why Yoga Teachers need to understand the Language of Anatomy & Movement

- Etomology of Anatomy Language (the greek/latin roots)

- The Terms of Body Position and Laterality (limb movement)

- The Terms of Location & Relationship (the foundation for studying the muscles)

- The 3 planes of movement

- The terms of Joint Movement + a 3D look at the skeletal system movements

- Anatomy informed Lesson Planning

- Smart sequencing with Pose Analysis for joint action

- How to critique your own classes to improve your anatomy based teaching skills

Why is this Anatomy course special?

-I incorporate my 15+ years of experience as a yoga teacher & therapist

- We utilize the Complete Anatomy App for a 3D view of the joint movements

 - It focuses on one direct application to lesson planning, sequencing and pose analysis

- I utilize a variety of teaching techniques to keep you engaged!

- when you study anatomy online you can always go back and re-watch segments for missed info!

- once you purchase the course- this information is yours forever!


Continuing Education Credits: (CEUs)

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate. This can be used to apply for CEU credits

- Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance (YA) - I am a Yoga Alliance YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providor)

- Certified Yoga Therapists with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)



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