Artem Ex Machina™: become AI Arts Artisan from the ground up

Published 2022-06-11
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Number of Students 3
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Alexander Abdulkader Kheirallah, PhD

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Build and train Generative Adversarial Networks in Python. Effectively apply pre-trained models for generative art!

Did you know that computers can generate pictorial art? Have you ever wondered how can they do that? Did you know that the art generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been sold on auctions for thousands of $$$?

Welcome to Artem Ex Machina™! Here you will learn how to become Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artisan by building, training and applying Generative Artificial Networks (GANs) - deep learning networks behind AI generated art. What makes this course unique is the combination of three elements:

  1. Building, training and using GANs from scratch

  2. Applying pre-trained GANs for beautiful AI Arts

  3. Starting, maintaining and managing AI Arts projects

By the end of this course you will, therefore, be able to:

To get a taster on the kind of images you'll be able to generate by completing this course, have a look at the logo of this course, which has 6 examples of images generated with GANs :)

The course uses Python as a programming language upon which you'll be able to build, train and use your own GANs. Not only you’ll gain practical capabilities when it comes to developing and diagnosing these deep learning models but also you'll gain a proper understanding of theory behind them. Since managing and, potentially, sharing your working environment behind GANs is an important part of the workflow of the generative artist, an integral part of the course is provision of AI-Art-compatible Docker containers and teaching you how to effectively use them. Understanding how GANs work combined with the ability to build them, will give you a strong generative artisanship acumen, and hence strong competitive advantage in the world of Data Science. In addition to that you'll learn how to make an effective use of pre-trained models that were trained for thousands of hours, to create high quality art. Therefore, you'll be able to work on your own local computer as well as remote high performance computing service such as Google Colab using Graphic Processing Units!

The course is split into 6 sections culminating with a  3 capstone projects that you can add to your portfolio:

  1. Introduction. Here you'll learn how to setup your local working environment PLUS how to train and diagnose a hand-written digits GAN

  2. What is a Generative Adversarial Network? Here you'll learn how GANs work and how they are trained PLUS how to train and apply GAN of images of clothing

  3. AI Arts projects. Here you'll learn how to work locally vs how to work remotely and principles of AI Arts project management PLUS how to efficiently download bulk of images for your GAN training

  4. GAN architectures. Here you'll learn how to build and train GAN models from scratch to produce complex grayscale and colour images

  5. GAN+CLIP. Here you'll learn how to use pre-trained models for beautiful AI Arts generation

  6. Capstone projects. Here you'll have the chance to complete three capstone projects to consolidate what you've learnt in the course.

Start you Artem Ex Machina™ journey now!

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