Ashtanga Yoga - Break Down of Postures

Published 2021-12-09
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Learn the movements, breath, and mechanics with Marque Garaux

Whether you are new to yoga or looking to advance your practice, Ashtanga Yoga is for every healthy, unique being (H.U.B.) This course is led by Marque Garaux, an experienced, authorized instructor who has deep knowledge in Ashtanga Yoga from Mysore, India. You will be guided through the practice with a specific focus on:

Instructions will be given throughout the warm-up, as well as the standing, seated, and closing sequences. Postures can certainly be modified at anytime as you gain strength, learn balance, and optimize your breath. The opening and closing chants (in Sanskrit) are included and optional as you expand your yoga knowledge and philosophy. All the Sanskrit posture names, breath count, and transitions are outlined in a color based, printable cheat sheet to help you memorize the sequence as your practice progresses. General strength training drills and movements are designed to compliment your practice. The practice of yoga can be very healing as it promotes circulation, improves joint mobility, and helps your daily movements by mitigating injury.

Overall, students will enjoy being led by an authorized instructor as well as challenged individually to explore their own strength, flexibility, and mental resilience. The course is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace with reference materials for support. Additionally, if you are a registered yoga school or professional organizing workshops or supporting in-person clients, this course will compliment your offerings. Enjoy this course with unlimited viewing and LIFE-time access. All levels are welcome.

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