Ayurveda For Real Life

Published 2022-01-26
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Melanie (Madhuri) Phillips

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Easy Practices to make the Ancient Science of Ayurveda part of your Everyday Life for better Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to Ayurveda for Real Life…

You’re conscious, right? Supposedly doing all of the right things to take care of yourself (ok, maybe slaking on self-care ‘cause there’s just not enough hours in the day) but still NOT feeling shiny or fully content even though you know you’re “supposed to” feel grateful for all you have in your life.

It’s those niggling pains despite all the yoga…the frustration of yet another health issue popping up (again) even when you consider yourself a “healthy” person…

Or maybe you’re really integrating all of this conscious-yoga-healthy-living-info you’ve been absorbing over the years but know there’s still more room for expansion and deeper levels of healing to be done.

And there’s something about Ayurveda that just feels right to you. It resonates in your heart even though it’s hard to explain why.

Maybe you’ve heard that Ayurveda can help with fatigue, poor digestion or crummy sleep but you are yearning to learn more about how you can integrate Ayurveda into your own life.

I hope so. It’s my dream that every conscious soul wanting to be empowered with their own self-healing receive this powerful wisdom.

It’s the system that helped me overcome a seven year illness that doctors were baffled by.The principles and philosophy of Ayurveda are timeless and will never ever go out of style. This wisdom will support you for your entire life.

In this 7-Module program you will learn…

What’s included in the Ayurveda for Real Life Program…

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