Be A Pen Tool Wizard in Photoshop

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Why on earth would you use Photoshop to illustrate with vector shapes? Isnt that what Illustrator is for? For pure vector illustration yes use Illustrator. But if youre working with both raster art and vectors in your illustration Photoshop is the way to go. If youre used to the pen tool in Illustrator youll find a lot of similarities but youll also encounter some differences that at first can be frustrating and confusing. Thats where this class comes in. Join illustrator Tom Froese as he guides you through the fundamental pen tool techniques he uses in his own work (and quite extensively in his other Skillshare classes such as Inky Illustrations and Inky Maps). This class is perfect for illustrators and hobbyists of all skill levels. While the content is rather technical the skills you will obtain will be nothing short of magic.