Begin Creative Watercoloring OUTSIDE

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Watch as I teach you how to gather inspiration and information outside with a simple and direct sketching method that I have used for over 30 years as a professional artist. This simple technique used by professional watercolor artists will bring depth expression and nuance to your watercolor paintings. No experience needed and no student ever left behind! As a professional landscape artist Ive painted thousands of watercolor paintings and studied hundreds of books from the old classical masters and those who have shaped our Modern Times. In my studio and in the field Ill show you how to capture those things you love to draw and paint. We will finish up with a few color notes and details that will give you a finished work of art that you will be proud of. Watch as I teach you the simple outdoor watercoloring techniques step-by-step. These are the techniques used by professional artists. By the end of this course youll be able to: Create bold and expressive watercolors with a simple mastery of the Watercoloring Outside Style