Beginners Introduction to Yoga - Accessible to All

Published 2022-03-31
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Niki Lindley

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The aim of this course is to introduce you to yoga & its wonderful benefits.

Modules & What You Will Learn

  1. What is Yoga?

  2. Benefits of Yoga

  3. Equipment Overview

  4. Breath-work (Pranayama)

  5. Basic Warm-up

  6. Classical Yoga Poses (Asanas) Supine

  7. Classical Yoga Poses (Asanas) Seated

  8. Classical Yoga Poses (Asanas) Hands & Knees

  9. Classical Yoga Poses (Asanas) Standing

  10. Classical Yoga Poses (Asanas) (Balances)

  11. Sun Salutations

  12. Chair Yoga Sequence

  13. Yoga for sleep 

  14. Guided relaxation

  15. Mantra 

  16. How to recognise hyper-mobility

  17. Living the yogic lifestyle

  18. Full Practice 

Who can access this course?

Anybody. Yoga truly is for everybody, whether you are fit and strong physically or whether you are of limited mobility and chair-bound. If you are unable to do certain aspects of yoga due to injury, disability or any other type of ailment, you can pick and choose the modules which work for you.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that involves physical poses (asana), breath-work, concentration & meditation as well as living healthy, kind & mindful lifestyle choices. It is not about touching the toes (although this is a side benefit for some), it’s about meeting yourself fully where you are with kindness and always a sense of self love. It is the unity of breath, mind, body & spirit and connection to all that there is as well as ourselves. Yoga is not a religion, you do not need to have any sense of spiritual belief to practice (although for some it opens you up to endless possibilities). In yoga, you are the temple and it teaches you that everything you need is within.

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