Chair yoga for seniors level 1

Published 2022-02-05
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Rachel Lau

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Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Getting older is amazing - with experience, wisdom and grace. However, in this transition phase, ageing also causes anxiety and stress, and other chronic conditions. Chair yoga makes yoga accessible to those with physical limitations. It allows seniors to stretch every part of the body while in a seated position, especially for those who have limited mobility and risk of fall. It is common that seniors are in pain in one area and stop from doing any exercise for other parts of the body. Chair yoga is ideal for those who want to stay active and maintain their physical and mental health. These gentle movements reduce muscle stiffness and joint pain. Most importantly, seniors have the opportunity to regulate their breath and reduce stress and anxiety.

Hatha yoga promotes balance of the whole body, using gravity and body weight as resistance. The sequences consist of long-holding postures, which allow you to focus on body alignment. During the session, it gives you time to stretch out, release the muscle tensions and reduce stiffness. This strives to balance opposing parts of the physical body, the front and back, the left and right and the top and bottom. Using chair gives you support for leg strengthening and balance postures. Regular yoga practice helps you build physical and inner strength to face practical aspects of life.

There are three components in this course.

1. It explains how yoga relaxes the body, restores the energy and reduces muscle pain;

2. It provides a step-by-step instruction for twisting, strengthening, coordinating and balancing in written format;

3. It offers 30-minute gentle chair yoga video.

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