Cityscape Photography: Capture Your City's Story

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Please respect all rules of social distancing when completing your class project. Show the world how you see your city. Scout meaningful locations shoot in your own experimental style and curate a final photo set of your one-of-a-kind story. Tell the story of your city with this one-hour class from rising cityscape photographer trashhand ( trashhand ). Travel with him to iconic Chicago landmarks and underground hideaways scouring heights and corners learning as he shows and shares his unique approach to scouting shooting and editing. This class is for all levels and all equipment: whether you iPhone or DSLR his daring ambition and artistry will inspire you to develop and capture your citys story. ______________ What Youll Learn Introduction. Street photography has always had an element of hustle to it and skilled photographer trashhand knows a couple of tricks to help you find unique shots that tell the story of your city through pictures. Follow trashhand through Chicago as he gives you his philosophy and tips on how to take the best cityscape photographs by shifting your perspective. No matter where you live these lessons will help you create a photo essay of your own city that represents your unique point of view.