Contracts for Creative Freelancers: Payment Terms

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Do you know what payment terms to use in your contracts to make sure you get paid on time? To make sure you get paid for that extra work the client keeps adding? Or how to make sure a cancelled project doesnt leave you empty handed? In this class the third in the Contracts for Creative Freelancers series Ill explain how to make sure the terms in your contracts will help you get paid with minimal fuss. Knowing what good payment terms are is great but you also need to know how to spot and avoid bad ones. Youll learn how to identify bad terms (including the really ugly ones) and what changes you can make to improve them. Dont let contracts intimidate you! Learn what you can do to protect yourself and get paid fairly for your work. Other Contracts for Creative Freelancers classes: How to Fix Bad Contract Terms Should you do Work for Hire? Credits for all images and music used in this class are contained in a PDF in the Class Project section. The PDF contains links to each image and the music track used.