21 Day Core Cardio Detox Yoga & HIIT Journey!

Published 2021-12-14
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Sadie Nardini

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An empowering strength, core, and cardio - based yoga & fitness program to tune up your body, mind, and energy

If you're looking to lose weight, maintain a strong, fit body, or just get stronger in less time - you should know:

Finally unlocking the key to becoming cardio fit, strong, and lean without spending hours of your precious life doing it - isn’t rocket science.

But it is body science.

I’m Sadie, one of the top course creators here on Udemy.

I’m also a yoga, fitness, anatomy and exercise science expert, and many students have asked for an efficient, motivating and inspiring program that can help with whole body fitness.

Whether you have weight you want to lose or muscle definition to gain, or you want to maintain and build your healthiest, most energetic and strong body & mind, inside and out - this one's for you!

You asked, I created a program that empowers you to love yourself right where you are, while also evolving into your next best self.

This Journey brings together the ancient arts of holistic transformation, and western exercise science, in a brand new program that works—to clarify exactly what you need to do now whether you want to lose excess weight, or simply want to trim and tone up faster than usual!

I’m the founder of two movement styles: Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® (anatomy-optimized yoga + core strength) and The Yoga Shred® (High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, but far safer on the joints!).

My styles are cutting edge, and will ignite your body’s latent digestion, natural detox, fat burning, lean muscle and metabolism abilities so even if you’ve struggled to make changes, this will work. When I say "detox", I mean letting go of what no longer serves you, whether that's extra weight that isn't good for your specific body's balance, old habits that have kept you from your optimal strength and happiness, emotional stress and gripping, or mental patterns that are holding you back.

During this 21 day journey, I’ll blend contemporary breakthroughs in science, coupled with the ancient healing forms of yoga and meditation, to help you work (and work out) smarter —not harder, or longer. You'll discover new ways of moving, thinking, eating, and self-caring that fuel you better.

I will lead you through fun & lovingly fierce movement sessions and meditations that work your whole body and mind, but also, importantly, keep circling you back to your core strength and center. This is the area from which all transformation happens.

Spark your belly fire, and you’ll spark holistic health and next-level fitness much more powerfully.

On this program, you’ll get:

Forever Access To A Movement and Meditation Resource You’ll Use For Years, Including:

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Classes: The right kind for whole body transformation. The more common linear styles move your arms and legs but not your core or whole body in the right order to activate your Deep Core Line. This drains your power and makes every class half as effective. Here with me, you’ll move differently, to burn twice the calories and gain twice the long, lean muscle mass as regular yoga.

This course contains 11 exclusive 25-40 minute Yoga classes for Cute Glutes, Core Strength, Toned Legs, Sculpted Arms, Total Detox and more!

Yoga Shred Workouts: My signature style that combines yoga and High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. Yoga alone only gives you half of your fitness potential. The other half comes from this type of muscle-defining faster resistance-based movement. Most fitness classes are way too hard, and too long, which can tear you down, release stress hormones and block your benefits. My Yoga Shred style, based on proper alignment of yoga poses, is mindful on the joints, and more effective in half the time as any fitness class out there.

This course contains 3 (once weekly) 25-40 minute Yoga Shred classes for Cardio, Metabolism Boosting and Calorie Burn!

Core Meditations: These are simple, quick sessions that use mantras, or power sounds, and elements like fire, water, stones and mudras (hand positions) to bring you into deep intention, help you deal with cravings, cleanse away stress, and dissolve old habits faster. We move through all your chakras, or energy centers, to open and clear you to more easily reach your goal of self-transformation. You’ll use these for a lifetime whenever you want to stay lovingly self-centered.

This course contains 10 exclusive Core Meditations!

Diet Pro Tips: Ones that free you instead of restrict you: I’m personally opposed to any program that tells you not to enjoy the good things, and leave you with nothing to eat but cardboard and tofu. I’ll show you how to have the fries—and your best body, too. Follow my simple guidelines for the next 21 days, and you’ll turboboost your results!

After 21 days with me, you’ll feel more directly in the flow of your healthiest, and most fit life, and since we also focus on a self-nourishing lifestyle, I predict that you won’t feel as anxious or stressed about food. You’ll look amazing, lean and toned for your frame. And all without restriction.

You will easily and effortlessly understand what your body needs from moment to moment. You can bring the passion back to eating, and still feel the most fit you’ve ever been.

People will ask why you’re glowing. You’ll know why—and understand how to maintain this state for a lifetime.

Once I support you to simply include these tools in your weekly routine, you’ll have plenty of time to do the things that life’s all about: meeting up with friends, creating your next creative projects, crushing your big goals, enjoying the fries, and maybe, if you’re like me, the vino, too!

I want you to use this program to feel the best possible version of yourself in your own skin from day to day: strong, confident, happy, and healthy—inside and out.

As your guide through the steps it takes not just to lose (or gain) weight healthfully, but to easily maintain it for a lifetime, AND have fun doing it…you first should know that when it comes to struggles with weight, and health—I’ve been there.

I’ve been 40 pounds overweight for my frame. I’ve been 20 pounds underweight too, struggled with an eating disorder for a decade, and let me tell you—neither polarity was my happy place.

I’ve been through the wringer around the concept of weight loss or gain. I know the very idea of focusing on weight is wrought with feelings of punishment, criticism, lack, and “you’re not good enough as you are”.

I know that you’re perfect, just as you are right this minute, even though you may want to make some changes. I learned to view exercise, food, drinks, and all the rest as a way to be creative, to transform as I choose, not as anyone else would have me choose.

WIth me, you'll learn that the number on the scale doesn't matter. What is important is that sweet spot where you're loving every meal, eating and drinking and moving robustly and in accordance with nature - yours and the world around you.

When you do this, you'll be strong, vibrant, confident - and exactly where you want to be.

I found my healthy, lean set point years ago and now, at 50, I have never felt or looked better. I threw away my scale—never to let a number define me or food to stress me out again — and you will be able to find this freedom here with me, too.

This is the place you've found with me—to be finally able to not just tolerate, or sometimes like, but whole heartedly fall in love with the skin you’re in, and also unlock your ability to feel energetic, glowing, and well-nourished every day.

On this program, which is unlike any other out there, we are going to target all your levels at once—not only the physical. And I am going to empower you and fiercely mother you through this entire adventure.

What’s also awesome is that this is going to work—and you can keep the yoga classes, workouts and meditations to use as you move forward, so I’ll be with you anytime you need.

I can’t wait for you to join me.

Let’s begin!


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