Covid-19-Yoga for Recovery-Regain Strength-Build Lung Health

Published 2022-02-01
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Parul Chaturvedi

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Gentle Yoga for All Levels I Build Immunity I Improve Lung Capacity I Boost Energy Levels ICombat WeaknessIRegain Health

Coronavirus took a toll on people’s overall health, especially for the people who contracted the deadly virus. Even after recovering from the virus, not many can get back on their fitness journey.

Join the Yoga Recovery plan for Covid-19 with well-curated Yoga videos

1) Regain strength 2) Strengthen your lung capacity 3) Build Immunity & Boost Energy Levels 4) Regain your physical, emotional & mental health 5) Manage Stress & Anxiety

Mild to Moderate Yoga Asanas (Yoga Postures), Pranayama Breathing Practices & Meditation Techniques that are suitable for All levels !!

Simple & effective Yoga, Meditation & Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) from the comfort of your home If you have recovered from covid19 or just want to strengthen your lungs, build immunity & reduce your stress levels

Gentle yoga will help you Relax & Restore your energy levels post covid in the recovery phase. You can also practice these yoga videos if you are looking for gentle practice for your daily yoga routine.

Overall this Yoga Plan will help you Regain your health, Release fatigue with Gentle Yoga practice, Boost your energy levels post covid in the recovery phase. You can come back to this yoga routine for your regular practice too.

Please feel free to seek your doctor's permission before trying out this yoga plan.

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