Create A Pixar Inspired Modeling Of A Monster In Blender

Platform Skillshare

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Hello guys! Welcome to the new Blender course! My name is Zerina and in this course we are going to be modeling this monster scene in Blender. To start our character creation first of all we will need to import the reference images that you can find on and download on this link: Monster Reference . Once we import references we will be able to start modeling the character. We are going to be modeling the character piece by piece using basic modifiers and mashes. After we finish modeling we will then hop on to the materials we are going to be applying basic materials and we will also play around with its properties. Then we will pose our character and prepare our scene. For the scene I will show you how to apply textures from the blender kit and also we will create a magic ball in the corner. In the end we will play around with our final render settings and render out the scene. This course is for begginers and if you are an advanced 3d artist it can be useful for quick exercise or inspiration. What are we waiting for?