Data Cleaning in Python for Analytics & Machine Learning

Published 2022-07-28
Platform Udemy
Number of Students 2
Price $19.99
Ajatshatru Mishra

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Learn how to resolve Data Quality issues in Machine Learning & Data Science using Data Cleaning in Python Pandas.

More often than not, real world data is messy and can rarely be used directly. It needs a lot of cleaning and preprocessing before it can be used in Analytics, Machine Learning or other application. Data Cleaning be a dirty job, which often requires lots of effort and advanced technical skills like familiarity with Pandas and other libraries.

For most of the data cleaning, all you need is data manipulation skills in Python. In this course you will learn just that. This course has lectures, quizzes and Jupyter notebooks, which will teach you to deal with real world raw data. The course contains tutorials on a range of data cleaning techniques, like imputing missing values, feature scaling and fixing data types issues etc.

In this you course you will learn:

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