Documentary Photography: Capturing Places and People

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National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale takes you on an adventure to Venice Beach California sharing her documentary photography techniques. Immersion and relentless observation are key in Ami’s practice. She always arrives at a place before the sun comes up and revisits it again at sundown to capture the best photos understanding the place through patience and persistence. Ami will take you step-by-step through her best practices of finding the beauty in a person or an experience and telling a story through that. This class is great for aspiring photojournalists professional photographers seeking inspiration and everyone who seeks essential tips and zen habits for documenting the world around them. ______________ What Youll Learn Introduction. Documentary photography though it shares common features with street photography and travel photography is a distinct discipline unto itself and Ami Vitale brings her expertise in photojournalism to this challenging art form to capture images that intrigue and inspire viewers. In these lessons she will show you how to virtually become a natural part of the landscape and therefore better able to take photos that genuinely reflect not just the people but the spirit of a place.