Front Splits with Yoga: For ALL Levels

Published 2022-01-06
Platform Udemy
Number of Students 3
Price $49.99
Vallari Shah

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Learn to perform a full front split with easy to follow instructional videos

In this carefully created comprehensive course, fitness and yoga practitioners of all levels can train to perform a full front split. Delve into what goes into a performing a split and how to prepare the body in a safe and holistic manner. Below is an overview of what you can expect from this program:

Session 1 : Introduction

Lecture 1 - Warming up the body with basic stretches and yoga poses

Lecture 2 - Introduction to understanding the role of hamstrings in performing splits and basic hamstring lengthening poses and drills

Lecture 3 - Introduction to understanding the role of hip openers in performing splits and basic hip opening poses and drills

Session 2 : Enhancing lower body flexibility

Lecture 4 - Levelling up with Advance hamstring openers using props

Lecture 5 - Graduating to Advance hip openers using props

Session 3: Complete lower body mobility

Lecture 6 - Integrating hips and hamstring openers with various mobility drills

Lecture 7 - Continuing lower body opening poses to increase range of motion and learning how to go into and come out of a full front split

The instructions are easy, simple to follow and will help you practice in a safe and risk-free manner. Students will require some basic Yoga props - yoga blocks, yoga belt and a chair. For best results, it is recommended that students must practice regularly and keep moving to the next level only once they are able to master the poses and exercises of the previous session.

The instructor is an internationally certified Yoga teacher and conducts yoga retreats, workshops, webinars and classes for individuals and groups across the world.

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