Fundamentals of Photoshop: Getting Started with the Interface, Tools, and Layers (Photoshop I)

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In collaboration with Adobe were excited to announce a free 5-class series on Adobe Photoshop CC for Beginners thatll run from March 1 – March 31st 2015. Each week you’ll create projects in Photoshop and submit your work on Skillshare for feedback from your classmates pushing your skills even further. If you complete all course work before the final deadline you’ll be eligible to receive a free voucher to take the Adobe Certified Associate exam in Photoshop (a $95 value). The top student chosen by the class teaching assistants (TAs) will also be awarded 1 free year of Creative Cloud membership. Judging will be based on quality of projects submitted and student participation. This is the first class in the 5-class series. → View the syllabus for more details and a list of the key dates . Important Notice A trial of Adobe Photoshop CC or Creative Cloud membership will be needed to get the most out of this course. If you’re not a Creative Cloud member we recommend that you download a free 30-day trial of Adobe Photoshop CC when you start the course. → Click here to start your 30-day free trial of Adobe Photoshop CC → Click here to purchase a Creative Cloud membership Welcome to the first lesson in this five-part series of Photoshop classes. Throughout this series well cover everything you need to know to become a Photoshop pro. Knowing how to use Photoshop is an incredibly useful skill and is commonly used by anyone from photographers to graphic designers and illustrators. It is such a robust program that can be extremely overwhelming. Ill do my best to make you feel comfortable while I teach you the ins and outs. This series is perfect if youre slightly familiar with yet arent completely confident in your Photoshop skills. If you have never opened Photoshop and are feeling brave; this class is great for you too! It’s absolutely fine if you’ve never opened Photoshop until now. Photoshop is such an exciting program as it allows you to produce so many kinds of beautiful things. Anything from beautiful business cards and stationery to websites tailored just for you can be created in Photoshop. The goal of this series is to get you to expert level so that your imagination can go straight to Photoshop’s canvas What Youll Learn In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial youll learn the fundamentals of Photoshops interface. Ill help to show you exactly what youre dealing with when you first launch Photoshop. Topics in this class include: Resolution. We’ll learn what resolution is and what it means. Together we’ll take a look at various compositions and devices and learn the standard resolution size for those formats. I’ll give a special emphasis on resolution sizes for web and mobile in order to enhance your Photoshop design .