Gentle Yoga Teacher Training (Studio Certified)

Published 2022-04-17
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Emily Carter

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A Studio Certified Gentle Yoga Teacher Training for Teachers & Students. No Homework!

Welcome! This is our Gentle Yoga Teacher Training created by Accessible Yoga advocate & Holistic Health Coach, Emily. Emily has over 3,000 hours of teaching experience and is so grateful to share all of what she has learned with you. Emily is available 24hrs/day for mentoring support in this course.

Join this training for the most in-depth insight and techniques that you can apply to your gentle yoga teaching practice (or your own personal practice!). If you feel lost on how to modify for your students or yourself in class, this training is perfect for you.

You can use this course to supplement your current yoga teacher certification or just to deepen your personal practice. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to take this course! Our fun and honest approach will help you teach and take your classes with full confidence in yourself.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a special Lilac Lotus Yoga & Wellness certificate along with your Udemy certificate. This certificate counts as an additional 20hrs of training to your current yoga teacher hours.

Our curriculum includes written content supplemented with video'd content and other resources. The course includes 24hr mentorship and connection to the creator, and you have lifetime access to all of the content!


This course is 100% SELF-PACED

The course begins with the basics of Gentle Yoga philosophy and how we can apply these teachings to the broad audience of a gentle yoga class. Then we look at contraindications for common injuries, health conditions and special interest groups.

The course then goes into gentle supine, seated, kneeling & standing postures with modifications.

Learn how to confidently modify classic asanas (poses) with the help of props, so that your class is supportive of all levels of practitioner. This course ends with a fun look at meditation & savasana techniques with scripts as a resource.

At the end of the training we reinforce everything learned through a short quiz.

Remember, this content is yours FOR LIFE! And our course creator Emily will always be here to support you with any future questions.

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