Horse Yoga

Published 2022-03-25
Platform Udemy
Number of Students 3
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Sandra Gad

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Become a professional Horse Yoga teacher.

Welcome to this special course where you will learn Yoga,horses Language and Energy Healing.All together in one place and for a purpose and sacred reason which besides making riders perform at their best and archive their dreams and give them a perfect workout that grants them the flexibility and strength they need on the outside but mostly on the inside as well. As Energy is the secret behind our being,it's our fuel,our core ,it's the power that moves us and determines our health whether mentally or physically as well as what we receive in life. We have 7 Energy centers called chakras.

They determine how people experience reality ,their emotions and physical health of it's place. In this course you will learn the seven Chakras and the feeling and presents they grant and since yoga is a miraculous tool in recharging and balancing the chakras ,you will learn the poses and the chakras they effect so you can help your students to receive all the emotions they wish immediately and even if it's their first ride you will recharge the energy centers that are responsible of making us feel safe and confident and joyful. This practice and combination of healing sciences together transformed the lives of many and I'm so honored and glad that you will help many others to heal and love life and relieve their stress because it's destructive and it's stops the natural process of healing we're born with. So we let them release the stress and the burdens and recharge energy through yoga and their perfect partner the horse who is a natural healer and an endless source of Energy. So you're giving them a true break and a beautiful time to recharge and you're making them feel happier and healthier.

Being a horse teacher is such a special gift and a chance ,it's the kind of work that recharges you and keeps you excited and fulfilled ,knowing that you rescued someone from depression and all the cause of sickness and pain and you uplifted them in everyway.

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