How to Film an Interview

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Regardless of whether you’re filming for a YouTube video TV show or a corporate video being able to capture a great interview can take your video to the next level. It can help you to tell a story and allow the viewer to connect with the person on screen. Interviews are a fundamental part of filmmaking. From documentaries to reality shows you will find interviews across TV film and digital content. But how do you capture an effective interview that looks great? Well it all begins with pre-production (planning). Once you have a solid understanding of your character and the desired tone of your video you can move onto filming the interview. This not only requires a solid understanding of cinematography it also requires a specific set of skills to help you capture the best answers from your talent. Once you’ve captured this it’s now onto the editing process. To turn a thirty-minute long interview into a two minute video is a challenge and can take some time to get used to the process.