How To Make Hand-Drawn Gift Wrap Using Recycled Paper

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Lets create art save a tree AND spread good vibes all at the same time! Wrapping a gift in hand-drawn gift wrap is like giving TWO gifts in one! Its unique memorable and makes the recipient feel extremely special! Using recycled papers artist Kathy Weller shares her recipe for artful gift-wrap that she started developing over 20 years ago! This is a fun easy and CREATIVE project that pretty much ANYONE can do and that EVERY recipient will LOVE. In this class youll learn: • Where you can find recycled papers • How to cut up an old-school paper bag for gift wrap • Media tips for drawing on recycled kraft paper • What type of materials to use that POP BRIGHT on kraft paper • How to brainstorm ideas for your theme/motif that your recipient will LOVE • All of the steps to creating your wrapped hand-drawn artful gift Experience Requirements •This class requires NO prior creative or technical experience! •This class is for ALL AGES however some cutting with scissors may be involved. So kids please get your parents to help with any cutting! (Also dont eat your art supplies.) Aside from the above all that is needed to get started is an open mind a willingness to get creative materials you can work with and the desire to give your recipient a hand-crafted artful gift wrap experience! Everyone LOVES a hand-wrapped gift! Give a gift thats memorable is always appreciated and always makes the recipient feel EXTRA special! Lets create an amazing hand-wrapped gift that will WOW your recipient!