Pranayama for Self-Adjustment by Activation and Relaxation

Published 2022-01-28
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Мария Владимировна Николаева

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Breathing Exercises for Healthy People in order to Manage their Mental and Energy State during an Active Life in Society

This course was created by a specialist in yoga philosophy with 25 years of practice experience to solve applied problems related to controlling one's own emotional and mental state. It is designed for active people who have to overcome many difficulties in interacting with other people. They need both the intensification of all processes in the body and the mobilization of their resources, as well as periods of qualitative relaxation with deep recovery. Here you will find specific techniques that will help you master manipulating yourself at the various stages of life.

In general, the complex includes 1) basic activating pranayama that have a purifying effect on energy centers and channels, as well as accelerating the circulation of prana and physiological metabolism; 2) three main locks for establishing mental protection, preventing energy loss, as well as maintaining the preservation of the internal state, regardless of external circumstances; 3) the technique of alternating breathing to balancing the mind and deep relaxation. The last one serves as a fundamental practice to accumulate energy and prepare for personal transformation. All these components can be applied separately according to the situation.

In the classical yoga system, the pranayama stage has an intermediate position after asanas but before meditation. This means that the practitioner's body must be prepared by physical exercises and have no contraindications. Categorical withdrawal is given to people with diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, any exacerbations of chronic diseases, as well as mental abnormalities. Although certain respiratory methods can be used for the treatment and prevention of diseases, such students require an individual approach and cannot study according to the general scheme given in this course designed for healthy people.

In conclusion, you will also receive additional directions for the development of practice that go beyond the scope of this course and relate to more advanced stages of self-development and personal growth.

Technical note. The shooting was done with a front-facing camera of the smartphone, so you see the author as your own reflection in the mirror, and not the person opposite you. This is important for understanding which side of the body is left or right during exercise.

Atma Ananda (Maria V. Nikolaeva) is the author of several popular books on yoga, translated into English since 2007 and still available on Amazon. She is also the author of more than 30 books and 300 articles in other languages. Having received a Master's degree in Philosophy, specializing in Oriental studies, she spent 12 years in 10 countries of Southeast Asia, studying with more than 50 teachers, has been teaching and consulting in European countries since 2009, relying on decades of her personal practical experience.

All exercises are demonstrated by the 50-year-old author of the course.

Cover photo: the author is on the island of Crete in Greece (2017).

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