Introduction to Ayurveda

Published 2022-03-13
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Nina Saacks

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A beginners course on how to apply Ayurveda to your daily life

In this Introduction to Ayurveda Course you will meet my fantastic colleagues Jennifer Stephens and Rene Lambert (Ayurvedic Practitioners) in Cape Town, South Africa.

In this course we will cover the following:

There will also be little nuggets of information shared along the way as additional Q&A's are encouraged from students. These include acknowledging our individuality, travel and Vata and tastes.

You will have access to a doshic quiz sheet where you can take time to unearth your dosha, explore your Prakriti (balanced, born state) and your Vikriti (current imbalanced state).

In this course you will explore the basics of Ayurveda in an informative, fun and insightful way.

You will probably have a lot of "aha" moments, relate and resonate with a lot of that Rene and Jennifer bring into the discussion and lessons. 

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