Journey through the Chakras Mudras & Elements

Published 2022-02-23
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Dora Wanda

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Unlock the Hidden Potential of the Spinning Energy Centers

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Join me on the 'Journey through the Chakras, Mudras & Elements'.

This package will allow you to strengthen the main energy centers in your physical as well as your subtle body and support the natural flow of the life force within you, so that you can become more balanced, healthy and joyful. You will get a chance to dive deeper into the mystery of the chakras, discover how they work and experience their hidden powers both on the physical and emotional level.

This programme has been developed for an individual with yoga experience who is looking to bring his/her practice to a different dimension, clearing blockages at the level of the chakras to establish a closer connection to oneself as well as the Divine.

All sessions are happening in the magical healing space of the Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud giving you the opportunity to travel through the time and space and to connect to the Divine nature of the secret Bali land. ♡


- free 60min video for each session

Part One: MULADHARA - Stability

Part Two: SVADISTHANA - Emotion

Part Three: MANIPURA - Self Esteem

Part Four: ANAHATA - Love & Compassion

Part Five: VISHUDDA - Expression

Part Six: AJNA - Intuition

Part Seven: SAHASRARA - The Divine within you

- free 60min online Chakra & Mudra Workshop

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