Kids Breathwork Teacher Training Course

Published 2022-05-30
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Jessica Fleming

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Approved

Welcome to the newest course from Peaceful Babes!

I am so excited that you are here and I am so excited to release this beautiful course!

This brand new course is very special and unique, in this course you will learn how to guide children through 8 fun, calming and relaxing breathwork practices.

Each breathwork practice is a traditional breathwork practice that has been adapted to suit the needs and abilities of kids.

You will also learn about the anatomy and physiology of breathing, the nervous system and how breathwork can benefit the nervous system, you will learn about different breathing rates and styles, you will learn about how children should sit for breathwork and much more!

This course also comes with a beautifully illustrated workbook that is packed with breathwork information, the workbook also has a beautifully illustrated guide for each breathing practice that you will learn.

This course will give you all of the skills, knowledge, resources and confidence you will need to guiding kids through fun breathing practices that they will love to do!

This course is suitable for anybody who would like learn how to teach breathwork to kids, you don't need any previous experience.

If you are already a kids teacher of any kind, such as a kids yoga teacher, kids dance or sports teacher, a kindergarten teacher or a school teacher, you can use this course to upskill and add breathwork practices to your current classes.

If you are a children's councilor or a child psychologist or any professional that is looking for simple practices to help your young clients to get calm and relaxed, this course will be great for you.

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge, skills, resources and confidence to guide kids through breathwork practices.

This course is a 10 hour, Yoga Alliance continuing education program.

If you are feeling guided to learn how to teach kids fun breathwork practices that will calm their body and relax their mind then enroll today and let's begin!

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