Learn how to do Face Yoga-exercises for the face and neck

Published 2022-03-18
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Florina Horga

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Make your face a work of art

Don't let another day go by without doing something for your face and for yourself ! We are aging everyday and so many people, too many, they chose the path of fillers and injection, that in time can cause more harm than good. We do have a natural and safe way that can help to look and feel young.

If you like to take care of your face in a natural way then Face Yoga is the answer. The way we work the muscles on the body we can do the same with the muscles on the face. The truth is no matter how many serums and creams we use we cannot fight the gravity. They help, but just the skin. What happens with the flesh under the skin? Well, there are 57 muscles on the face and neck and they can be worked just as the muscles on the body.

In this course that consists in 5 modules you will learn:

  1. intro in to the Face Yoga world , what is it and how to prepare

  2. to have a nice back posture

  3. over 25 exercises for the muscles on the face and neck. The benefits are:

Designed to improve blood circulation on the face and neck.
Increased lymph flow and help detox the face.
Reduce tension on the face.
Increased levels of collagen and elastin.
Balance tightness of the skeletal and facial muscles.
Manage muscle spasm on the face and neck.
Revive cerebral blood circulation.
Manage age related deterioration of facial bones.
Assist relaxation.
Reduce stress.
Decrease puffiness under the eyes.
Reduce dark circles under the eyes.
Diminish frown lines.
Reduce crow’s feet.
Helps to tone the skin.
A firmer, youthful looking face.
Improved confidence and self-esteem.

4. wellbeing techniques that could assist you in day to day life, helping you with stress and tension
5. nutrition for health and beauty

Why to buy this course? Because is a course that I developed in a year doing lots of research and get a lots of feedback from my clients,
This course is not a simple course of exercises for the face. Is much more than that, It is about us and the things that stay in the way of our beauty for example- to busy to drink some water. All the videos are short but to the point so that it will not take a lot of your time, but, give you the essence in a simple and efficient way.

Hi guys, I am Florina, I am a certified personal trainer and Face Yoga Expert. When I decided to change my path in life (after having two degrees-one in IT and one in economics) I had hard time deciding because I was very interested in cosmetics but as well health and wellbeing.
I chose to be a personal trainer, mostly because of the energy that sports give you and I was passionate about nutrition, especially that I become a mum. When I first found out about Face Yoga I was really really interested because, you see, this is somehow the bridge in between my two passions. I have now years of experience and I a very happy and grateful I can be at your service by designing a wonderful program that can embody both worlds.

If you buy today this course you will get 22 VIDEOS with:

The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making change to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle and/or mental health.

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