Love Your Body Yoga

Published 2022-04-29
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Rosemary Donnelly

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Yoga as the Pathway to Greater Self-Acceptance

Can you relate to this? Research shows that on average a woman criticizes herself 8 times a day. We say things like I’m not enough… not smart enough, not pretty enough, not perfect enough. If this is true for you, are you ready to change the conversation?

Hi, I’m Rosemary, from You Are Right on Time. Welcome to Love Your Body Yoga, an online yoga course where I show you how to use yoga as the pathway to greater self-acceptance.

Even if you’ve never tried yoga before, this gentle, step by step program is perfect for beginners. Love Your Body Yoga is a mat-free practice, done while seated in a chair or standing. This course contains 5 complete gentle yoga practices, each celebrating a different part of your body. As a bonus, you’ll receive a compassionate body scan meditation, and a collection of ready-to-post Self-Love Affirmations.

Nayyarih Waheed once wrote, “And I said to my body softly, I would like to be your friend.” Are you ready to take your first step in that direction? Let Love Your Body Yoga lead the way on your journey to self-acceptance.

Think it’s too late to begin your yoga journey? Think again! You Are Right on Time…

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