Machine Learning Deployment For Professionals

Published 2022-04-25
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Learn to deploy and scale your machine learning solutions

Want To Master The Skills Behind The Machine Learning Deployment?

This program is designed for the ones who want to learn the art of machine learning model deployment. Through this program, you'll learn the foundational theories and topics that help to construct machine learning pipelines and machine learning development and deployment lifecycles. Get in-depth knowledge on how to implement a machine learning project to load the data for the evaluation process after testing.

This program includes the must-learn machine learning model deployment patterns like the MlOPS foundation. Also, learn the challenges that you can face with model deployment and mitigation techniques to follow.

Major Concepts That You'll Learn!

This course aims to introduce different aspects of production in the Machine Learning models. It covers pre-requisites of ML deployment, ML Pipelines, challenges involved in the deployment process, and different methods of ML deployment. Finally, the course covers ML deployment solutions such as web service, batch prediction, and embedded models. This program includes all in-demand skills that any machine learning professional should learn.

Perks Of Availing This Program!

So why are you waiting? Get yourself updated with the latest and in-demand machine learning skills.

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