Make a Living as an Artist: Strategies for Crafting Your Creative Business

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Hi I’m Brooke Glaser a full time freelance illustrator. I’ve built a business that comfortably supports me and gives me to freedom to work wherever and whenever I choose. But it didn’t start that way. These lessons took me years to learn but when I finally understood them I started seeing big growth in my business. This is a fun practical and comprehensive guide to making money as an artist. You don’t have to be an expert at everything but it really helps to understand how the different parts of your business affect each other. First we’ll start by getting clear on what your dream business looks like: figuring out what you want your life to be like and pairing that up to the different kinds of work artists can do. Then we dive into understanding why people buy from you and how you can use the strengths you ALREADY HAVE to stand out from the crowd. We’ll tackle goal setting staying motivated and creating systems to make your business run smoothly. In the second section we’ll talk about where you can find clients and tips for sharing your work with the right people. In the third section And we’ll dive into figuring out different ways to maximize your money and effort how to price your work contract details and tips for negotiating. If you’re starting your first art business this is the class for you. And if you’ve already been in business for a few years but feel like you’re not sure where your headed my hope is this class can help you get clear on where you should be focusing your efforts. Special thanks to Zekes Lunchbox and Furry Little Peach for letting me use them as examples in the branding lesson. And thanks to Daniel Berg-Johnsen for his help filming the intro. I also share my favorite art tips tutorials and other resources for artists via e-mail. You join in here.