Marks & Moods: Brush Pen Adventures with Lines and Textures

Platform Skillshare

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In this class youre invited to join me on a brush pen adventure where well be exploring all the multitude of possibilities offered by the brush pen! In particular well be delving deep into lines and textures and how you can create a huge array of different marks with this simple tool. Ill be showing you demonstrations of each and every technique as well as each one of the class project drawings. Youll be invited to create exploratory drawings to discover the breadth of possibilities offered by the brush pen as well as abstract drawings and figurative drawings so that you can really hone in on your inking techniques improve your overall ink work and push out of your comfort zones. Just in time for Inktober youll be able to delve into one of my favorite tools and whether or not you participate in the Inktober challenge I hope youll find the class useful fun and inspiring! :)