Kundalini Yoga course "Patterns to Peace"; "Frowns to smile"

Published 2022-06-03
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Lippy Bhallaa

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Move into your body to understand the patterns which are causing struggles in your life.

Video classes of kundalini yoga for the beginners and practitioners (Yogi Bhajan school)

This course is called Kundalini yoga  to bring changes from "Patterns to Peace";  "Frowns to smile" and it’s aimed at:

- teaching kundalini chants, breathing practices, and pranayamas

- helping to get rid of patterns of life, Unwanted struggles, depression, nervousness, irritation, lack of self-esteem(psyche balance)

- improving body flexibility and gaining a good shape

- balancing hormonal and endocrine systems

- developing intuition and learning how to hear the inner voice

- attracting energies of abundance and prosperity

- making life calmer and more joyful

-making you feel your smile with peace.

Theoretical and Practical guidance throughout the course!

Why this course needs you:

* If you are pregnant, menstruating, or have a serious health condition, please consult your HCP (Health Care Professional) to modify your practice to your condition and capability.

All instructions, comments, and content are published as information only and not intended as medical advice, nor to replace or substitute your HCP.

If you experience any pain or a medical emergency, contact your HCP or Emergency Response Number in your country.

WE make no representations or warranties concerning any usage of the information offered in this course. WE are not liable nor responsible for any losses, damages or injuries that may occur from the performance of any action or exercise from the course.

                                     Relax, unwind, and let Lippy guide you through a whole new journey, time and time again.

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