Meditations with OM (AUM) - Accredited course

Published 2022-06-05
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Tomer Weiss

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Discover the secrets of the sacred symbol OM. Learn how to meditate with OM for health, success & spirituality

The most comprehensive course on this subject on Udemy!

ॐ - Om - Aum

The most sacred syllable in the world. It holds in it the Shakti, the power of the entire universe.
In this course I will delve to the profound depths of OM, I will teach you the secret methods to use OM.
Did you know that in fact OM, should be pronounced AUM?
This will be the first lesson, I will teach you how to pronounce this mantra correctly, to unlock it's sacred power.
I will teach you how to write this sacred symbol, and how to meditate in this process.
You will learn the benefits of meditating with Aum, how it effects your mind, your body & soul.
I will teach you the true origins of this mantra, based on study, history, and myth. I will go as deep into this subject as the deepest scholars in the world.
I will read with you from the traditional scriptures, so you will get first hand experience of understanding what the tradition really says.
We will study from the Vedas, From the Chandogya Upanishad, & from the Mandukya Upanishad.
You will learn about the states of consciousness connected to A-U-M & How to unlock them.
I will teach you how to effectively meditate with this mantra.
I will teach you Japa, Concentration & Yoganidra with AUM.
I will give you the secret teachings of the Uchara of AUM which you will only find in hidden tantric texts.

You will have theory lectures, as well as practice and guided meditations to help you make the most of this course.

With this secret knowledge you will deepen your meditation, activate your kundalini and propel your evolution.

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