Yoga Following Your Moon Cycle

Published 2022-05-04
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Aiko Ota

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Women Menstrual Harmony with Yoga and Ayurveda

My approach to yoga is different from the ones you may have heard of or practiced till now. I will explain what I mean, and I’m honored to have your precious attention.

While studying yoga I learned also the basics of Ayurveda and tried to apply it in my teaching and personal practice, doing yoga following the seasons of the year, the moon cycle, and so on.

For health reasons, I learned that the menstrual cycle has its own inner seasons; wow. This explained so many things, so many behaviors I had. Everything made sense, and I was so happy to learn more and more about this. I think every woman should have this knowledge, that's why I created this course.

In this course, you will find a comprehensive informative video where I explain what the inner seasons are, and eighth classes that you can practice during the different phases of your menstrual cycle, as I'm teaching you to adjust yoga and your daily routine with your own menstrual cycle.

So here I am, trying to spread this voice. I teach tailored yoga, I teach you how to adapt yoga to your own body, your constitution. I believe that there is no magic formula that works for everyone as we are individuals and so different from each other. The same principle applies to yoga, and you will learn how to live a daily life that follows your nature.

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