Mobile App Prototyping: Designing Custom Interactions

Platform Skillshare

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Have a great idea for an app and unsure where to start? Join Product Designer Noah Levin for an informative 50-minute class on how to use mobile app prototyping to communicate your ideas and execute your vision. In this class youll learn the basics of using mobile app prototyping to pioneer new patterns make unique designs and find unexpected solutions. You’ll leave this class with 3 new interactions to incorporate into your mobile app designs including animating an image screen transition and a to-do app action. Along the way youll also pick up some coding basics giving you a solid foundation for making your designs happen. If youre an app designer looking for a new way to prototype or simply looking to understand how your favorite apps come to life this class will have you iterating and executing designs to get the most out of what you make. Note: This class is recommended for those with a basic familiarity of mobile app design. If youre brand-new to prototyping or mobile app design check out Intro to Mobile App Design on Skillshare. ____________ Framer is a prototyping tool for animation and interaction on desktop and mobile.