Mobility Stretches to Heal Body Pain & Sciatica Nerve Pain

Published 2022-04-21
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Aurora Willows

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Learn daily mobility stretches that will unlock stuck areas in your body and release pinched nerves that cause body pain

Quick relief from Sciatica Nerve, Lower Back, Hip, shoulder and body pain.

With Daily Mobility stretching you can be pain free.

This is a beginner course for anyone suffering with body pain.

Join me in the comfort of your own home, doing quick 15 - 20 min classes each day.

Learn how to quickly stretch to reduce body pain in all areas of your body.

You will realign your spine, open your hamstrings, get your hips moving, correct your posture.

You will learn how to make mobility stretching part of your day, each day to maintain your pain free body as you age.

Shortened hamstrings, stuck shoulders, rotator cuff injury, poor posture, and lack of mobility causes many different kinds of body pain.

My course is designed to elongate and stretch the hamstrings and spine, to open the body and to give you healing warmth and space, which focuses on the pinched problem areas.

When you bring you mindful awareness to these areas and breathe healing energy into them, you will soon feel a huge difference in your body.

*Bring to each class a cloth yoga strap, yoga block, soft blankets and pillows if you are just starting your journey.

You can use these to help you increase your flexibility and to prevent injury.

I hope to see you inside to begin your healing.

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