Online Yoga Course for Beginners

Published 2022-01-14
Platform Udemy
Price $84.99
Yogi Sandeep Rishikesh

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Learn yoga at home from a renowned yoga teacher

This Online Yoga Course offers step-by-step yoga asana (postures) to help get you started and also explain the alignment and correct way of doing the yoga poses.

In this online yoga course, renowned yoga instructor, founder of Raj Yoga Rishikesh, Yogi Sandeep, takes you through well-structured lessons designed to build a strong foundation, energize your body, and greatly enhance your knowledge about each yoga asana. This course is highly effective and efficient.

By practicing these yoga asanas you will be able to:

This online yoga course contains a number of guided classes as well as encourages you to compose your own bespoke yoga sequences, as you progress and become more confident. This will help keep you stimulated and motivated to adopt yoga as part of your routine.

How to get started?

What do I need?

You. Your commitment and time. If you can block 30 to 45 minutes three times a week. You will be rewarded with benefits worth larger than the paltry investment.

What else do I need to get started?

Nothing else really. However, it would help you can buy

  1. Yoga Mat

  2. Comfortable clothes

  3. Yoga Bricks (optional)

  4. Belt /towel. (optional)


You will receive a certificate upon completion.

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