Painting a Photo Camera: Easy and Fun Watercolor Project

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In this short summer class we will be painting a photo camera a loyal friend which accompanies us in our adventures. This painting can be a great "best moments" card a logo an icon for your website or a beautiful print. Also in the project section you will find the template with 4 different photo camera drawings so you can create an entire series for a collection of prints or pattern design. I decided to add some flowers and foliage around it because you complimented a similar painting of mine on Instagram so I was happy to share the process in this class. This is the 9th class in the series of fun and short summer classes. These classes are meant to keep you inspired while allowing you to spend more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful sunny days. Below are listed the classes we already published in this series I will be adding a new short class almost every week during the summer. Also I have a myriad of other watercolor classes in case you want to dive deeper into the watercolor painting. Thank you for all the beautiful projects comments and reviews you keep me motivated and inspired.