Picture Books II: Illustrate a Story

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This hands-on class taught by Christine Fleming writer/illustrator at Might Could Studios is the second in a two-part series on how to create your own children’s picture book. Picture Books I: Write Your Story focuses on the story writing process while this class focuses on illustrating. In this 90-minute class Christine explores the elements of picture book illustrations including composition color white space perspective style and typography revealing spreads from some of her favorite picture books to show strong examples of each concept. With the basics down pat Christine will take you through video tutorials of her entire process of illustrating a picture book. These videos will begin with breaking down the manuscript character development storyboarding making a tiny dummy sketches revisions final drawings and digital coloring in Photoshop. Nothing was planned or decided prior to filming these tutorial process videos so everything shown is her authentic on-the-fly process of thinking and creating. By the end of this class you’ll have everything you need to illustrate your own picture book! // WANT MORE? You can see more about Christine and her work at might-could.com Get weekly essays on creativity and art making here! Hope to see you in there! :D