Pitch Perfect Portfolio Art Licensing Challenge

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As a creative business owner I have several different revenue streams to keep my business Gingiber going and growing. Art Licensing is very appealing to artists and illustrators because companies essentially “rent” your artwork and put it on their products. I started licensing my art 10 years ago and I love finding the right licensing partners to work with. You can license illustrations surface patterns hand lettered pieces fine art.... there are so many possibilities. Over the years I’ve heard from many aspiring licensed artists that they don’t know how to approach companies and art directors let alone how to organize their growing body of work. And that sparked an idea: what if I ran a 5 Day Challenge to help artists who need a little guidance? I created a simple framework that I follow for sending out my portfolio and I’m going to teach you how to do the same with your own existing work. Join me in the “Pitch Perfect Portfolio” Art Licensing Challenge where over the course of 5 days I will give you video lessons to guide you through the process of tidying your work and getting it ready to send out into the world. My goal would be that at the end of the "Pitch Perfect Portfolio" 5 Day Challenge that you are ready to email your portfolio to an art director. Who is ready to join the challenge?