Playing with Shapes in Procreate: Illustrate a Graphic Still Life

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Have you ever wanted to illustrate in a more graphic manner but you weren’t exactly sure where to start? Look no further! Join illustrator Sarah Beth Morgan as she walks you through the process of creating your own graphic still life in Procreate. This class is loaded with handy dandy actionable tips for improving your workflow in Procreate curating a keen eye for layout and composition - and best of all reducing everyday scenes into eye-popping abstract illustrations. I’ll take you on a journey through my illustration process in Procreate from start to finish. We’ll be arranging a still life with everyday household objects taking a photograph of that still life and then reducing it to its most basic forms in Procreate. In the end you’ll leave this class with your own playful graphic still life and some new creative know-how. No worries if you don’t have an iPad - you can still take this class. Instead of focusing purely on the technical aspects of Procreate I’ll be diving into the principles & thought patterns behind developing the graphic illustrations I specialize in. So If you want to follow along in Photoshop or Illustrator that is also a solid option! Lessons Include: