Power Stretching and Balance

Published 2022-05-26
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Simone Marini

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Yoga training for flexibility and balance

In this class we will use a set of exercises taken from Yoga and adjusted for the purpose of having a more flexible body and increased balance. To improve any sport performance, but also a better lifestyle in your life, as that all the skills that you will learn or improve are used everyday. Less probability to injure yourself, and also you will see how your personal energy will increase too.

How to use this course!

The first video (Introduction) should be used as warm up every time you practice a class, and the last video (Cool Down) is in deed the cool down, so to be used at the end of a training session.

Different programs!

Slow: every video for 1 week (example: Day 1 should be used 3 time or 6 time the first week, then Day 2 the second week and so on).

Medium: follow 3 video per week (week 1 you should follow day 1-2-3, one video per day)

Fast: every week you follow all the videos ( from week 1, from monday to saturday you will follow a different video every day)

Don't forget to start with introduction and finish with cool down for a complete training.

Every program must be followed for 6 weeks to see any considerable improvement in your body.

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