Pranayama in Holistic Classical Yoga Practice & Teaching

Published 2022-03-13
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60 Hours course part of Nacional accredited course -10975NAT - Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice of 1800 hours

Course description

This course is designed and delivered by College of Sports & Fitness (CSF) – Registered  Training Organization (RTO 91345). The content of this course is a part of 10975NAT - Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice of 1800 hours  offered by CSF at the Diploma level.

This course is designed as a 60 hours course with self tutorial learning hours. It has 4 Chapters and also complementary industry resource videos. It has one final questionnaire and one video assessment submission from the the student  demonstrating a chosen Pranayama technique: Our Yoga teacher will watch your video and assess your content with providing you feedback at the conclusion of the course.

This 60 Hours Pranayama course provides the following SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE:

  1. Define the purpose and meaning of Pranayama in holistic classical Yoga practice and teaching.

  2. Understand the importance of correct breathing.

  3. Perform different Pranayama techniques.

  4. Communicate benefits and cautions of different Pranayama techniques.

  5. Provide Pranayama verbal teaching and visual demonstration.

  6. Design, Deliver and Evaluate Pranayama program.

This course will provide a great base for anyone, who wants to:

Final result of the course:

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