Prenatal Yoga: Yoga Alliance Approved Continuing EDU Program

Published 2022-06-14
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Shara Turner

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Quiet the mind, strengthen the body, and tap into that inner Goddess energy. Yoga Alliance CEP

Learn how to develop and offer a very safe, nurturing, self loving prenatal yoga practice. Gain the knowledge required so you can create sequences that are therapeutic in nature and address the most common pregnancy conditions.

Our Online Course offers a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises providing you with valuable knowledge and tools to teach yoga to pregnant women and new mothers safely and confidently. This program Is ideal for anyone who would like to learn how to develop, and or guide, a safe, nurturing, self loving prenatal yoga practice; yoga teachers and pregnant practitioners alike.

This comprehensive online course contains a mix of multi-media including video, audio and written materials. This is Module 1 and students who wish to complete a full PYTT will be able to do so if they complete module 2 & 3.

Yoga Alliance members, can register their certificate with Yoga Alliance and it will satisfy the 3 year CE requirements. This course is recognized as 30 Contact Hours.

What you will receive:

-A comprehensive self paced, online prenatal yoga course offering a balanced mix of theory and practical lessons

-A mix of multi media delivery: Video, Audio, and PDF downloads

-Certificate upon completion which existing yoga teachers can use to satisfy their 3 year continuing education requirements for Yoga Alliance Membership.

What you can expect to learn:

-Benefits of Yoga and general guidelines for a safe prenatal yoga practice

-The 3 trimesters: changes in mom and fetal development

-Modifications for each trimester

-Posture and Alignment

-Most common conditions

-The pelvic floor

-Prenatal Posture Groups

-Use of Props and restorative postures

-Pawanmuktasana series

-Modified Surya Namaskar Sun Salutations

-Partner Yoga

-How to sequence based upon emotion and physical state of mom

-Which posture groups to offer and which to avoid based upon conditions



-Yoga Nidra

-Natural remedies and Ayurvedic Tips to reduce intensity of some common symptoms

-Overview of the stages of labor and birth

-Yogic tools for labor

-Active birth and Yoga

-Preparing for life after birth

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