Procreate: Creating Repeat Patterns on your iPad

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Ready to up your Procreate game? How about learning how to create repeating pattern tiles on your iPad ? This class focuses on the nitty-gritty of making digital repeat patterns everywhere you can bring your mobile device. I will walk you through constructing a straight-repeat and a half-drop repeat pattern tile in your favorite iPad drawing app. To keep this class short and sweet I am not going to get into the basics of Procreate. ( If you need help with that please refer to the class resources below. ) As a bonus I will show step by step how to create a grid template on your iPad in the app Graphic ( you dont need to have any experience with this app. ) Im looking forward to seeing your amazing pattern designs thank you so much for learning with me! Hi my name is Babs Reh I am a textile artist from Germany I work with pattern both handprinted and digital. I enjoy creating patterns in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but I love the flexibility the iPad offers and Im a huge Procreate fan girl.